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Caution…Cute Baby ahead….

Before the Baptism

With Leslie after the Baptism

With Kerry, Finn, Jodi & Cooper - a few years ago those would have been beers in our hands, not babies

What's the plural of Thomas? Thomai? The Four Thomai!

Tickie makes him laugh!

I'm Two Months Old!

Father's Day with Dad

Fun with the Langs!!


Two Months Already!!

Let’s face the facts….if I was a sporadic blogger before this baby, anyone that reads this blog is lucky to get any posts at all now that he is here!   It’s easy enough to write the blog I guess….but we all know, people don’t really care what I have to say, they just want to see pictures.  And, not that it is a slow process to upload pictures, but it’s not quick either.  I have to do it one at a time…am I doing it wrong?  Is there a way to upload several pictures at once to this thing?  If anyone has any hints or tips, I would love to hear them.

TGS V is two months old already.  This kiddo is growing like a weed.  Almost 12 lbs already and 23 ½ inches tall….not long…I refuse to say long…..

He has already had his first flight and he was fabulous on the plane..both times.  Sadly, we had totally full flights, so our hope of having a row of seats to ourselves was not a reality…even though I basically held the baby above my head while he was grumpy, daring people to sit next to us.  The third seat in our row was the very last seat to be occupied on both flight, so had there just been one less person on our flights, I am sure our plan would have been a success!!

His first trip was to Waco for his baptism.  He got to meet a ton of friends and family, and considering his schedule was topsy turvy, he did pretty good.  It took me an entire week to recover from the trip though.  He has several more flights already scheduled….thank goodness lap children fly free!  Headed to Texas in July for Brookie’s wedding, Austin for Labor Day weekend for our annual Salimsang weekend, San Antonio in October for a shower for Lindsay, and Waco for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thomas has only been around for two months, but I kind of forget what life was like before he was here.  I sort of wonder what I did all day long.  Yes, I worked, but now, I am so much more efficient at my daily tasks….whether they be my work tasks or my chores at home, because I have a whole other element thrown in now with him…organization is key now, that’s for sure!   My new trick is to write my to do list on my bathroom mirror in dry erase marker….not exactly pretty, but it reminds me of what I have to do at least every morning and every night when I brush my teeth!

New favorite “toy” – I bought an upright steamer.  It is AWESOME!  I hope to never use an iron again.  Easier, quicker, and I can stick my face in the steam for a quick facial….ok, not really the facial thing….I wish…the steam comes out a little too hot….


almost 12 lbs as of 6/17 (approx 50th percentile)

23 ½ inches tall (approx the 75 percentile for height)

Head circumference – 50th percentile – thank goodness this child had not inherited my giant head….yet!

Other notables:

He has inherited my fat thighs – they are considerably cuter on him

Newest Trick – sticking his tongue out

Loves his play mat

Snorting up a storm when he is hungry or frustrated – another thing he inherited from his mama that is really only cute as a baby (I typically only snort when laughing…not so much when hungry or frustrated…)

Smiling up a STORM – I spend most of his waking hours trying to get him to smile at me

Loves bathtime

Loves his bouncy chair

Not a huge fan of naptime

For several days in a row he has been sleeping for five hour stretches at night – woohoo!!  Now, if we can just up that to 8 or 9……

Pictures are coming soon……


Daily Life with a little life lesson too….

Little Thomas will be a month old on Monday.  It’s also my birthday on Monday, but I kind of don’t care about that this year…which is so strange because usually I celebrate a birthday month, with the birthday week being a bigger deal culminating in the actual birth DAY…but not so much this year.  Other things on my mind I guess.

The return to work has been somewhat successful.  Right now, we are just getting our feet wet.  Still mostly working from home, with office trips a couple of times a week right now.

My first mother’s day was great.  It’s kind of cool to all of the sudden have a whole new holiday to celebrate!  So many people sent me cards and wished me happy mothers day, which made me feel very special.  Rell sent me flowers and got me a special present, from both he and Cinco of course!  It’s a bracelet with a blue gift box charm and a photo charm with a picture of Cinco on one side and a picture of me and Cinco on the other.  Which is great because I can add more photo charms for years to come.  And we all know how much I like photos.  Any way to display more of them works for me!

My sister comes for a visit in about two weeks!  I cant wait to see her!  I haven’t seen her since my shower in February.  And she hasn’t been to Arizona in like 4 years!  And TGSV cant wait to meet his favorite Aunt!  After this visit, we probably wont get to see her again until Thanksgiving in Texas.  She is expecting, due in August.  And while I would love to go visit her after her baby is born, I don’t know how realistic it is to take Cinco all the way to boston with me and stay in a hotel.  Maybe I could make a quick quick trip after her baby is born and leave Cinco at home for a day and a half with daddy….we’ll see.

Just a quick side note…..so, I ended up having to have a C Section with Thomas.  Basically, my water had broken and after 14 hours of labor inducing drugs, I was not progressing AT ALL.  I guess, once your water breaks, they want baby out of there within about 24 hours because of the risk of infection.  So about 25 hours after my water had broken, my doctor said we needed to do a C Section to get him out of there.  Once she got in there and got him out, she told Rell that there is no way he ever would have come out on his own based on his positioning.  Regardless of that part, because of the risk of infection, I had had a medically necessary C Section.  Now, onto the interesting part.  Being self employed, Rell and I purchased high deductible health insurance.  The plan we purchased, when we purchased it, did not have maternity coverage and only covered complications of pregnancy.  We knew this, so before even getting pregnant, we saved money to pay for all of our prenatal care and a regular delivery at the hospital, knowing that if we ended up having a CSection it would only be because it was medically necessary, not elective, so insurance would cover that part, because at the tie of purchase, our policy covered CSections that were medically necessary as a complication of pregnancy.  Well, guess who decided to change their policy and we didn’t know about it…..yep, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona!  Now, complications of pregnancy only fall within the guidelines of these 8 conditions….two of which are fetal demise and miscarriage…but NOT fetal distress…..hmmm, so if the baby had died as a result of the fetal distress, they would have covered it, but if he is just distressed and makes it out alive, no coverage there!  I am betting that at some point in time I got something in the mail letting me know of this change….but honestly, who reads all of those dislosures that you get in the mail from your insurance (or bank!)…let me tell you who….ME, on a go forward basis!  Had I known about this change in policy, I probably would have just cancelled my insurance.  We only have it in the case of something catastrophic.  We’ve had it for two years…..the premiums I have paid over those two years, plus my high deductible that I would have been responsible for had my insurance company done the right thing and covered this procedure, would have almost paid for all of these hospital bills we have now incurred.  But, instead, I wasn’t aware of the change….where my insurance company, NOT MY DOCTOR, is dictating what is medically necessary, so I paid those premiums for two years, seemingly all for nothing, and now I am paying all og those medical bills on top of those premiums.

So, the whole point of this story is READ YOUR DISCLOSURES!  Make sure you’re aware of the changes that are going on with your health coverage.  I thought we were being responsible individuals by having this policy.  We were prepared to pay for our baby, and paid all of the insurance premiums should something “go wrong” we thought we were covered……and we weren’t.  I would have paid any amount for this baby…so I am willing to pay it…just wish I would have known all the facts in advance so I could have saved more.  Now, poor little Thomas just cant go to college…. 🙂

On that note….Look at my ADORABLE baby…aren’t you totally in awe of how cute he is???


So Fast!

Little Thomas is already 2 1/2 weeks old, and I am amazed at how much he has grown already!  I guess people say “they grow up so fast” for a reason…….because they do!

All in all, he is a great baby.  He is doing well with eating and sleeping.  He has his three week check up tomorrow (although technically he isnt three weeks until Saturday)  It will be interesting to see how he has grown since his last appointment two weeks ago.

I am setting into a schedule…sort of….mostly based off of his meal times!  I’ve been working from home and think I will return to the office on Friday for a bit.  Then next week I will work a few days and then slowly get back into the swing of things at the office.  Working from home has been a lifesaver!

I’ve been “released” to walk and drive…..so hopefully we will start taking some nice long walks soon.  I think the weather has finally decided to cooperate.  You just never know.  It’s 70 one day and snowing the next!

Here are a few pictures of my cute little man….I love love love him!  It’s amazing I even get anything done…I could hold him ALL DAY LONG!



Thomas Gabriel Salome V was born April 17th at 9:01 pm.  Cinco (as we like to call him) weighed in at 7 lbs 4 ozs and was 20 1/2 inches tall.  He is adorable.  Perfect.  Amazing.  So So So So Sweet.  I LOVE HIM!!! 


And the countdown begins…..

Three weeks people….my due date is officially in three weeks!!!  Where did the last 37 weeks go??  I feel like I can almost say that we’re ready though.  I have a few things I NEED to accomplish, but really, by Monday, I feel like he could come at any time and I would be OK with it.  Now granted, I have a TON of appointments in the next 15 days, so if he would wait until I am all finished with those, it would be fabulous!  Next week I have an appointment with a pediatrician on Tuesday, a Drs appointment and book club on Wednesday, a Vet appointment on Thursday and a facial on Friday. (I REALLY don’t want to miss that Friday appointment!)  Then, the week after, I have landscapers coming on Monday and Tuesday (GRASS IS FINALLY GOING IN!!!!), grooming for the dog on Tuesday, and a hair appointment on Wednesday (that’s another one I really don’t want to miss)   So, while life would be fine if I had to cancel some of these appointments, I really hoping not to.  And besides, my sister has already told me that she thinks I am going to go past my due date…..I think she just said this because SHE went past her due date. 

It was the Third Annual Celebration of The Salomification of Meg this month….aka our third wedding anniversary…St Patty’s day.  There really wasn’t much celebrating involved this year.  Normally, I cook us a huge fancy dinner, recreating our wedding reception dinner…but I just wasn’t into doing that this year….wonder why???  I did get up early and cook Rell an anniversary breakfast.  Then, that night we had our last child birth class….ohhhh exciting.  Then, we both proceeded to get really sick.  It was just allergy related, but since I cant take any good medicine, it was pretty miserable.  Luckily, I didn’t seem to have it as bad as Rell…his actually turned into Bronchitis!  Yuck!  All better now, but it was a pretty miserable week and a half.  We were planning on going out to a nice dinner for our anniversary, but since we were sick, it never happened.  I guess this is what happens the longer you are married.  I pledge to return to tradition next year though and cook our fabulous dinner! 

My friend Jodi came in town for a visit last weekend.  It was really nice to just have some girl time and spend some time with her before baby came.  Not a whole lot to do in this town…..shopping and eating…that was pretty much our weekend.  We went to Old Navy, and while we were checking out, the cashier said “Oh how far along are you?”  I told her I had about four weeks to go.  She then proceeded to tell me that she had an eleven month old.  Then, she looked at me and Said “You’re so BIG!!”  WTF????  Jodi and I just looked at her like “did she really just say that!??!?!”  Because really, who says something like that????  And she should know better, considering she had a baby less than a year ago!  I don’t get why people think it is ok to say WHATEVER pops into their head.  Most people have a filter between their brain and their mouth that prohibits them from saying whatever they’re thinking….I mean, I think a lot (and I do mean A LOT) or mean or inappropriate thoughts about people….but I keep them to myself….or at least only share them with friends while gossiping…..but I know better that to tell someone, most especially a perfect stranger, whatever pops into my head about their outfit/weight/intelligence level/fill in the blank……   I just don’t get what happened to some people that they don’t have that filter.  And I know certain people who seem proud of it….they claim, “Oh, I just say whatever is on my mind…that’s who I am”  HELLO – THAT IS NOT ALWAYS OK!!!

OK – enough of that Rant….stupid Cow at Old Navy got me all worked up.  I should have just said to her “Really, 11 months ago…because you’re still sporting a bunch of baby weight.  I would have guessed you JUST had your baby…..”  damn filter prevented me from saying that……